Flexibility is the key word at ID2Move. Your Member fee offers you a number of points, which we call « Wings », and which vary according to the selected Member fee. The payment of a member fee gives you access to the centre and its facilities. The use of these is payable in Wings. You will find a summary table below. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


FailSafe Café

Free ! 

Academic Seminars

Free ! 


The value in Wings of the workshop will be deducted from your plan. Material not included.

Business Coaching

5 Wings / Hour

Privileged and priority access to our business coaching programs after analysis of your project


Special discount !

Contact us for more information.

Coworking Space

1 Wing/ Day for Mercury, Gemini, Apollo plan

Full Coworking is included in Voyager package.


Meeting Rooms

1 Wings / Hour for a standard meeting room. Feel free to contact us for more option.

Consultancy Service

5 Wings / Hour

Indoor Test Zone

6 Wings / Hour

Outdoor Test Zone

2 Wings / hours 

Extra Wings can be charge for flights above 400ft AGL and complex flights. Feel free to contact us for more informtion


Starting rate 1 Wings/hour