Green Deal Call and links with autonomous systems

European Commission will soon announce the Green Deal Call. More than €300 million are available for SMEs, large companies, research centers and universities to develop new technologies/applications/projects for a better future in Europe. 11 areas from Zero-pollution to Farm to Fork or Smart Mobility are covered and divided in 29 calls. Drones and autonomous systems can bring efficient solutions to some of them. Check the document attached for details. Space, drone and AS expertise required are mentioned.

Joining a consortium is not an easy task. You need to detect the right call where your expertise is valuable, find partners and create a consortium (at least 3 partners from 3 different regions) and then submit a winning proposal. Hopefully, you are not alone on this journey.

A matchmaking event is organized on September 22-24 via An easy way to discuss with many potential partners directly from your office.

The Enterprise Europe Network, the biggest business network worldwide, offers assistance to find the right partners thanks to a free of charge database. You can access companies around Europe in just a few clicks. Feel free to contact your local EEN partner

Finally, NCPs (National Contact Points) can help you to write the best proposal and increase your chances. Contact persons are here

Let’s take the most of it, get European funding and improve our everyday lives!