Maker Space



Laser cutting, 3D printers, electronic workshop and other devices are at your disposal for your projects. Need some assistance?

Our Maker Space manager will be pleased to help.

List of the equipment


From the simple case of  housing a printed circuit board to the 100% carbon drone and the flying wing with a 4m wingspan, our Maker Space offers a range of tools unique in Wallonia.




Need help bringing your project to life?

The Maker Space manager is there to give the technical impetus to open the doors to your project. A problem that is really too complex? Various universities are present on the site and will support you with truly innovative solutions.



One of the stars of our Maker Space! The SINTERIT LisaPRO is a powder sintering SLS printer. It offers precise results and beautiful finishes. Your prototypes, even complex ones, will reflect a professionalism not easily matched.


Our FDM 3D printer farm consists of the best machines available today. They can print various materials such as PLA, ABS, nylon, carbon, wood, etc. in various sizes.


A well-ventilated room is reserved for SLA printers so that you can make very fine and detailed prints thanks to photopolymerisation.

On the engraving and cutting side, you will benefit from a CNC laser with a comfortable power of 130W. It allows precision cutting and engraving in most materials, wood, plexy, plastics etc .


Our CNC offers a comfortable machining surface for materials such as wood, aluminium, carbon etc… A small laser  on it to make light engravings.

Our digital milling and engraving machine for the production of printed circuit boards and small precision parts made of aluminium or brass.


A wide range of hand tools and cordless power tools are at your disposal. « A good job is done with the right tool! ».

 Other machines are currently being delivered or designed.

  • Hot thermoforming machine for the production of composite moulds for example,
  • Hot wire cutter for cutting large wings into one piece,…


Would you like to come and visit us? Use one of our machines? Do not hesitate to contact us!