For whom?


Flying drones – UAV/RPAS

UAVs are or will soon be part of our daily lives. Multi-rotor, fixed wing, eVTOL they all have their own particularities and sometimes they can be combined. Search for missing persons, infrastructure maintenance, archaeology, transport of medical equipment or delivery of your next book, surveillance, people transportation, the applications are wide. Today, a drone can save a life. ID2Move offers indoor and outdoor test areas unique in Europe.

Ground vehicles – UGV/Robot

Autonomous cars, autonomous trucks, robots are already active on our roads. Transporting people or goods, they tend to make our travels safer and expedite the transportation of certain goods. Many challenges still face this new way of transport. ID2Move helps you in the development of technologies/applications thanks to our test spaces and our privileged relationships with Belgian and foreign universities.


Maritime drones – UUV/USV/ROV

Less known than the first two, the maritime world is also focusing on autonomous vehicles. Whether Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) or submarines, there is no doubt that they will offer a series of benefits. ID2Move can also support companies in that field thanks to natural and artificial test zones.